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How to Choose the Best Real Estate School for You

Looking for the best Real Estate School for you? There are many different choices to consider, such as a local or out-of-state school, live or online classes, and items that are included in their programs.


Going to a Real Estate School Near Me

Should it matter in the age of the Internet, that a school is local vs. another State? Maybe not, especially in many states. However, Indiana is not other states. Indiana is unique. And it might be worth considering a real estate school in Indiana.


Working with a local school offers examples and stories, and local laws that are specific to the State, and where you will be working.


Indiana is Unique

Further, many areas of Indiana Real Estate have their own rules and terminology. For instance, Indiana doesn’t have real estate salespeople, Brokers and Associate Brokers like other States. There are no Salespeople or Sales Associates; all people with real estate licenses are Brokers in Indiana. Indianapolis doesn’t have an MLS, it has a BLC. It doesn’t use the Torrens system. In Indiana, a Broker representing the buyer isn’t defined as the Buyer’s Broker, he or she is called a Selling Broker. Most states have Dual Agency; Indiana does not, it has Limited Agency. Indiana allows Net Listings, but most states do not. Other States have “stigmatized properties”: in Indiana, they are “psychologically affected properties”. Most states allow Broker Sub-agency, but Indiana does not. The list goes on and on. If the school is not well versed in the oddities of Indiana, they will often teach what works for the majority of the States. Not surprisingly, students report when working with information from other states and their terminology, it is confusing. And, what’s worse: once they have learned terms and concepts from other states, they might be able to pass their school tests, but then many terms change when they go to the State Test.


There are online schools for real estate that are presented by local schools and teach the local information. There are also real estate schools in Indiana that partner with out-of-state providers to provide their classes. They might have the same issues that are listed above.


If this is an issue that would be important to you, do your research. Obviously, if the school offers classes for several different States, they might not be local. Look to see if they are working with another group for their classes (if so, look that provider up). You can also look at the footer of the school, that might have the address of the company.


Also, many out-of-State schools require proctors (what's this?) for their school exams. This is usually at an additional cost, and could add hundreds of dollars to the final amount that you will pay. 


Live or Virtual (streaming) Real Estate Classes

For many, live or streaming classes are the best if they are possible. It keeps you on track and many find that they can focus better. The one-on-one discussions with other students and the instructor are also extremely valuable.


Online Real Estate Classes

Online classes offer more options. You can work at your own pace. You can take longer to finish the class or speed up and get the classes done quickly.


Online class formats can vary dramatically. Some classes put up a series of PowerPoint slides on the screen, and then a voiceover reads them to you. Some schools don’t even read them to you—you just read them yourself. Some schools have more of a multimedia approach with PowerPoints mixed with the occasional short video or pictures.


IBREA’s online classes are videotaped classes. You can see the instructor and students; you can hear the questions and see the board when it is used. The intent is to have the Online Student feel as if they are in the Live Class.



Occasionally, a school offers a combination of the Live and Online, such as a student coming in for classes 1-2 times a week, and the rest is done online.


The IBREA Solution: Virtual Live Classes include Online classes, and Online classes include Virtual live.

IBREA has blurred the lines between Live and Online Real Estate Classes. Students attending the Virtual Classes have access to the entire Online Library. So, they can virtually attend classes as many times as they want. Online Students have unlimited access to all Virtual classes and review sessions to attend any time they wish at no charge.


Live Real Estate Classes

How to Chose a Real Estate School


First, decide Online vs. Live/ Virtual Live. Once you decide what format you like, look for an example of how the school presents the classes.


Most schools will show some sort of example or tour on their website or offer a video on YouTube. See if the way they present the classes appeals to you. IBREA offers videos of the virtual live classes on our sample page. We also offer a Free Guest Pass to give a prospective student a chance to attend a class, talk to students and the instructor and get a true feel of the class with no obligation.


Included Products or Services offered in the Program

Schools offer different packages at different prices.  A checklist can be helpful when comparing schools and what they offer.


Contact the Instructor.  You should be able to talk to the instructor to answer any questions before you decide on the best real estate school for you.


To contact the instructor for IBREA, call or text 317-250-1724, or by email at

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