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Real Estate Consulting

Jay Rose will be offering Real Estate Consulting for a limited amount of brokerages. All plans offer the same benefits, and are based on the amount of agents in the office.

Jay B. Rose, Esq.

B.A. Economics from Wabash College

Juris Doctorate, Indiana University

Indiana Real Estate Broker

26 years of experience as an In-house Council and Managing Broker and Trainer in several brokerages, concurrent with 32 years of real estate law experience.

< 25 Agents

$500 a month

25-75 Agents

$750 a month

75+ Agents

$1000 a month

Managing Broker Consultant

There are many reasons why Brokerages could use the services of a Managing Broker Consultant. Smaller firms may find that it is much more cost effective to only have a consultant when needed. Perhaps a mid-sized brokerage sees the value of having additional expertise as very economical.  Larger firms might appreciate additional help in a consultant to better serve their Brokers.

Plans differ in price based on the size of the Brokerage and are paid on 6 month terms.

But all have the benefits of an additional Managing Broker Consultant at the fraction of the cost!

-- Access from any of the Agents of the Brokerage, directly to Jay

-- Available 9:00-6:00 Monday through Saturday

-- Document and contract approvals if needed

-- One onsite training a month

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