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IBREA's Broker Pre-Licensing Course FAQ’s


-- Is this 90-hour Pre-Licensing Course the only school course I need to take the State Exam and get my license?  Yes, once you complete this course and take your school tests, you will be able to take the State Exam. Once you pass that, you will be able to get your license.

-- I don't have any previous real estate experience. Is a Broker's Course right?

In Indiana, everyone who gets a license is an immediate BROKER. So, yes, with no experience, you are wanting to get a Broker's License. 

-- How long do I have to finish the class?

Live or live streaming classes typically are finished within 9 weeks. Online is at your own pace. You have a year to complete the course.

-- What is the difference between live and online, since both are similar?

Because IBREA blurs the lines between the two, ONLINE and VIRTUAL/LIVE classes are very similar at our school, in a very good way. Obviously, if you sign up for Virtual/live, the majority of your classes will be live. Then if you want to preview a class, or review a class, you can go to the online classes., because you have those as well.  If you are an online student, that is where most or all of your time will be spent, although you are welcome at any live event. The biggest difference timing: Virtual/live has specific class times, while Online is completely at your own pace.

-- As a live or virtual live student, what happens if I miss a class?

You have to attend a certain amount of hours of class time, but missing a couple days would still be fine. If you know you are going to miss a class, you can discuss it with the instructor beforehand—taking the class through one of the online videos might be able to cover the absence.

-- How well do I have to do on the tests?

You must get an AVERAGE of 75% on the three school tests. Stated another way, if you do not get 75% on one test, it can be made up on another test. On the three 100 question tests, you need at least 225 points.

-- Are all the school tests included in my course?

Some other schools do not include required school tests within their class. Instead, you need to find a proctor and pay them hourly to take the test in their facility. This can add hundreds of dollars to your education cost. We do not do that. All of your school tests are included at no additional cost. Online students will take theirs online, and live students will take them during their normal class time.


Are you considering another school-- but aren't sure if they require a Proctor? Just Google "Indiana online real estate schools proctor". You will see websites of schools that may require proctors, and there are also videos that show what you will need to go through when a proctor is needed. Or, you can work with a school that doesn't require that.

-- Tutoring is included at no cost? At any time?

If you need any additional attention on any portion of the material, for online or virtual live students, we are here to help. This tutoring is available during your coursework, before exams, before the state exam, whenever you need. And, it is at no additional cost.

-- I can start Virtual/live classes every three weeks?

Our classes are divided into three stand alone modules. Our modules start every three weeks, so you can begin live classes every three weeks.

-- Are there practice exams included?

We have practice exams for every chapter and additional ones that are focused on math and license law. They pull from a question bank of roughly 900 questions. You can take specialized tests regarding one chapter, module tests that have tests for the school exams or full class tests that test over the entire course to study for the State Exam. Because the pool of questions is so large, the tests will be different each time you take it, so it is an infinite amount of tests. And then, we have Situational Tests that are more like story problems. This group were designed to get you ready for the State Exam. These tests pull from a bank of over 400 questions.

-- What are Memory Moments ©?

Memory Moments © are located within the online classes and is constantly being updated. It could include additional discussions, memory aids, test taking tips, current articles about the topic, etc.

-- What are Touch Topics ©?

We take questions that are asked in class, in review sessions, in email, etc. and figure that they are questions that many students would have. We go at these topics at a deeper level, from a different perspective, etc. They might be videos, pieces from review sessions, or in text form.

-- What is Enrichment Learning ©?

This is an area within the Online Library that we post current news about the topics within the class. For instance, if a large apartment complex is being condemned by the city through its power of eminent domain, it would be a perfect news story for this section. The items might take the student to a news story, an article in the paper or even information discussed in IBREA CE classes. 

-- What are the Cartoons? 

Throughout the course, there are cartoons that provide additional memory aids and go over topics in a light hearted format.

-- Can I see what an online class looks like?

You can see an example of our online class on our website:  Click here. 

-- Can I see what a virtual/live class is like?

We have a sample of our Virtual/live class here. The best way to get a real feel for live is to get a No Obligation Guest Pass. This allows you to try the class as our guest. You can meet the instructor and talk to other students. Stay for a little while, or the entire class! You can get a FREE GUEST PASS here. 


-- What is the difference between ONLINE and VIRTUAL/LIVE Classes?

VIRTUAL/ LIVE (Streaming) 90-Hour Pre-licensing Package

--Tuesday, and Thursday nights, 6:00 - 9:30pm, you will meet VIRTUALLY in a live streaming class with your teacher.  There is an additional video for a third session per week.

--Able to start every 3 weeks 

--Weekly interaction with instructor and other students

--Set schedule keeps you on pace. Typically students finish in 9 weeks.


ONLINE 90-Hour Pre-licensing Package:

--100% Online. 100% Self Paced. (with extra virtual live-if desired)

--Start anytime.

--If students treat it like a 40-hour work week, they can complete the class in 3 weeks.

--Tests will be online.

-- What is the Proprietary Law Summary?

Over 40% of the State Exam is Indiana License Law-- and the information is from over 80 pages of License Law. Our Instructor, Jay Rose, is an attorney with over 33 years of instruction and Law experience. He has distilled the 80 pages down to 13 pages-- to the items you need to know for the test. This is what is used for the two classes that we use for the License Law portion of the course.

-- What is the payment plan and how do I access it?

Our payment plan is 4 payments, paid monthly. While enrolling, it shows a full price amount. On the amount, there is a drop down menu that shows the payment plan as a different option.

-- Can I see talk to the Instructor before I decide?

Absolutely! Contact us! 317-250-1724

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