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Indiana 30-hour Post Licensing Class

All new Real Estate Brokers are REQUIRED to take a specific 30-Hour Post Licensing Course within the FIRST TWO YEARS of obtaining their license. We have online available, and right now, Live and Virtual as well.

ONLINE Post Licensing Class

All new Real Estate Brokers must take a specific 30-hour Post Licensing Course within 2 years of obtaining their license. The highly anticipated IBREA ONLINE Post Licensing Class is now available!


Of course, as with all IBREA ONLINE classes, there are no PowerPoints; all classes are videotaped live classes. You will be able to hear peers' questions and answers. And, of course, you have access to all of the Jay forms and contract language that you can use immediately!


In addition, Jay assembled an amazing group of presenters: a Superintendent of a Custom Builder, a top local trainer, a multi-million dollar producer, a GM of a local Mortgage Company and even the former President of Mibor! And, of course, Jay teaches most of the classes!

Topics in this 30 Hour Post-License Class

--Unauthorized Practice of Law

--Real Estate Contracts

   -Elements and Formation


   -How to Handle Disputes and Litigation

   -Agency Relationships

--Listing Contracts 

   -Determining the Listing Price

   -Advertising Issues


--Purchase Agreements

   -License Law



   -Possession Issues

--Offers and Counter Offers

   -Acceptance and Rejection 

--The Closing Process

   -The Roles of All Involved

   -Co-brokerage Relationships

   -Broker's Role at the Closing

   -After the Closing


   -Understand Loan Types

--Business Planning


   -Lead Cultivation

   -Goal Setting

--Methods of Growing Your Business

   -Prospecting and Marketing

   -Builder Relationships



   -Site Preparation

   -Codes and Permits

   -Understanding Blueprints

   -Components of a House

--Negotiating Process

--Difficult Situations

--Fair Housing Issues

   -Prohibited Practices


--And, so much more!

Any format: $199

Register for online or live/streaming

Interested in more?
Get information on the Complete New Agent Training Package HERE.
It includes the 30-hour Post Licensing Class, and so much more.

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