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How Long Does It Take to Get a Real Estate License?

There are many factors that make a difference on how long it takes to get a real estate licence. Probably the largest factor is how long it takes you to finish real estate school. So, how long is that? Well, that also has many factors. Some of the major ones: Live vs. Online, school specifications and time frames, and personal drive. 

Live/Virtual vs. Online:
A Real Estate Classes Starting Date

How quickly can I get a real estate license

No matter which real estate school you choose, if the classes are live, they will have a specific starting date. Some real estate schools only have one or two live programs available per year. Others might have them quarterly. The specific starting date can immediately be extend your finish date by days, weeks or even months.


IBREA's live real estate classes start every three weeks. But even at every three weeks, you might have a starting date that begins today, or three weeks from now, even if you are wanting to start as soon as possible. 


Further, making the choice between  live vs. online real estate classes does not just affect if you will have to show up at a specific time at class. It really puts the power of the time frame in your hands. Online classes removes any specific time frame at all. 

Real Estate School's Specifications and Time Frames

Although the starting date is important, the time to complete is largely based on how the classes are set up. Live real estate schools in Indiana do not have a minimum or maximum hours per day in classes. So, it is up to the school to create their own schedules. As a real estate student, that should be one of the things you should consider when choosing a real estate school.  

Schools can set up weekend classes, 2-5 evenings a week, 9-5 M-F, or any other time frames. Since each school will be covering 90 hours, obviously, if a school covers 10 hours a week, it would have a very different time frame than one who is covering the information with 40 hours a week. (Now, is it more difficult to digest 40+ per week of information vs. 10 hours per week? That might be a different story and something else to consider.)

In addition, schools will have a time frame for completion. So, whether you are taking the class live or online, the classes have to be completed within their designated amount of time: often 6 months or a year. 

How school tests are administered can also make a difference in the completion time for the school. If you choose a real estate school that has the school's tests online or live classes that have their tests within their normal time, it doesn't add to the time. If you choose a school that has proctored tests, you will probably have to make appointments for the tests which could add time, as well.

Personal Drive

Another very important factor is your personal drive. This becomes very important in Online Classes, but it can be important in live real estate classes, too. 

In online courses, it is best to create a schedule for yourself. If you treat the classes like a full time job with 40+ hours per week devoted to it per week, you can complete your 90-hour classes in right around 3 weeks. But that would take a lot of drive. Most students will take more time. Regardless, it depends on how much drive you have to complete the course in a timely manner.

Does drive matter when you attend live classes?  Yes, it does. While you are in the middle of your classes, is it possible that a whole bunch of life happens? Work gets busy, the car breaks down, kids go back to school, etc. If a bunch of life happens, depending on the real estate school, their structure and their resources, they might be willing to allow you to take a short time away, and/or make up the hours in a different way. But, you would need the drive to continue through and complete the classes in the specified time frame. 

So, Are Online Real Estate Classes Faster? Not Necessarily.

Just glancing at all of this informaion, it might seem that online is quicker than live. Well, maybe not. Many find that the schedule of the live classes and the impeding tests keep them nicely on track. 

So, the moral of the story? If timing is important to you, remember all of these when deciding on a real estate school, and the format that is best for you. 

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