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As you will see, our online CE is very different than other online CE's available. No more reading out-of-date material from PowerPoints, written by groups that don't even live or work in Indiana.


Our CE classes are video taped classes all held within the last couple months in Indiana. They discuss topics relevant to Indiana and reference stories, laws, and court cases that are significant to the area.


They include appropriate forms, provide downloadable PDFs and offer language for documents that you can use immediately. They explain changes to forms that are new in 2019. 


And, in the discussion area, your questions are answered by Jay Rose.


These Virtual Courses are available now for $19.95 each.


We also have a BUNDLE available -- 12 Hours of ONLINE CE for $79.95-- a $40.00 savings!

Classes in the Bundle include:


-Agency Breaches You Won't Believe (video shown) 

-Real Estate Self Defense

-Stay Out of Real Estate Jail

-Improve Contract Writing

-Real Estate Escrow and License Law

-Real Estate Steeplechase


Imagine, completing your CE in an entertaining medium and actually learning something in the process! Classes include downloadable PDFs, wording to use in contracts, law information, and so much more.


All of that, at one of the best prices in the industry. 


Why would you consider anything else?

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Online course - Become a Real Estate Broker!  This is everything you need! Pre-licensing Package includes the 90-Hour Pre-licensing Course and the Exam Prep systems. In addition, students will have unlimited access to additional live Pre-licensing classes and access to unlimited access to live review sessions. Online, live and combo available.




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24-Hour Managing Broker Course

Online course - To become the Managing Broker of a company, or start your own Brokerage, you must have your license for at least two years. In addition, you must take a 24-hour Managing Broker Course.  


$215 - Click here to register for 24 hour MB Course!

30-Hour Post License Course

Online course - New licensees are required to take a 30-hour Post Licensing course within two years of the date of their license being issued. In this online course, you will receive information on the real estate topics, including listing and purchase agreements, agency, fair housing, closings, and so much more!


$215 - Click here to register for 30 hour post license course!

Examples of some of our Virtual Courses: our ONLINE videotaped CE classes....

Agency Breaches You Won't Believe is one of our favorites! In this lively course, a large prize raises the stakes along with the competitive nature of the group in an interactive discussion. 

Stay Out of Real Estate Jail


Parties will not close and neither will sign a Mutual Release. What happens? What are you legally able to do? Within this class, more people answered wrong than right! How will you do?

How to Effectively Write and Negotiate Contracts


Writing and negotiating contracts is a skill, and those who possess it can be far more successful than those who do not. As you can immediately see-- Jay "highlights" areas of the contract for the client. 


Do you do that? Should you? 


In this short video, Jay discusses one important aspect of the contract: handling defects. How you discuss this with your buyer or the seller can make a huge difference in what happens in the transaction.

Real Estate Self Defense


Is This You On Open House Day?

You get there first before your assistant and quickly get the key from the lockbox so you can get in out of the rain. Once inside, you glance around to find a place out of the way of the open house traffic and drop off your computer. You go to the back of the house to make sure the back door is locked; you want all the people to come in the front so you can monitor the traffic. The back of the house is a little stuffy, so you open a window to let some air in.

Ok... you are ready for your open house!

That very common scenario just described FIVE mistakes that could put your safety in jeopardy. This sample video explains how a couple of these mistakes would create a very bad situation if things go wrong.



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