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Introducing our FREE GUEST PASS

Not sure if Virtual Classes are right for you? We can help!


Our classes are approachable and fun, and we want to prove it! Come on out for a test drive! Join us for a class, and stay for a couple minutes, or stay for the entire class-- it is your choice.


See first hand what it is like. Interact with everyone and see exactly what our classes are like! You can even ask questions!

free trial of our virtual live real estate class

Talk to the Instructor:

  • How is this school different than others? 

  • I haven't been in school for awhile. Does that matter?

  • Is Real Estate right for me?

  • Does it matter if I pick a local school, and why?

  • Should I take ONLINE or VIRTUAL LIVE classes?

  • In what ways does IBREA help with placement with Brokerages?

  • And/or any other questions you might have!

Talk to other students:

  • Why did they choose this industry?

  • What are your plans after you get your license?

  • Why did you choose IBREA?

  • Are you enjoying the class?

  • As a new student, anything I should know?

  • And/or any other questions you might have!

There' no obligation, and it's free-- try us out!

Example of Virtual Live (Streaming).

Currently muted-- hit volume for sound.

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