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Can You Sell Real Estate Part Time?

Yes, a Real Estate Career can be started part-time. Some even like it as a strategy to start Real Estate, to begin the career while having another job. There are some important aspects of working part time.

Time Management

A part-time real estate job requires you to be great at time management. Schedule each day to accomplish goals and avoid conflicts and stay on top of deadlines.

Here are three ways to master your time as a part-time real estate agent:

  • Schedule your day. Make sure you give timeslots for major tasks.

  • Track your leads: Get a CRM software to help you keep track prospects.

  • Set alerts: Install an app to keep track of your tasks and alert you when you have things to do.


Part-time Real Estate Agent Advantages

Here are the pros of being a part-time real estate agent:

  • Increased income: Real estate agents who are closing deals can increase their income by tens of thousands of dollars per year.

  • Industry experience: Working in a realty office, even part time, can give you the necessary experience needed to make a full-time move.

  • New connections: The new people you would meet as a part time real estate agent would still expand your sphere and help you if you wanted to change to full time.


Part-time Real Estate Agent Disadvantages

Here are the cons of being a part-time real estate agent:

  • Upfront costs: Many on-the-job expenses are often covered by brokers, like signs and business cards. However, there are still expenses such as licensing and maybe marketing.

  • Poor client perception: Some clients may not want to work with a part-time real estate agent because they perceive he/she is less committed. Further, depending on other commitments, they may not be able to work with some because of time conflicts.


Being a part-time real estate agent is right for people who have some financial support and free time to spend building a career. If you find that you are short on time or money, you may want to wait a few months until the situations stabilize a bit.

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