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Samples and Free Trials

IBREA  is proud to offer the most comprehensive Broker Pre-licensing Programs  (to get a real estate license) available in Indiana.  We have two formats: Virtual/Live (Zoom) Classes and 100% Online Classes.

See it or try it before you buy!

Virtual/Live Classes (on Zoom)

Our Virtual classes are lively and interactive-- but in the comfort of your own home!


You can talk to the instructor, and get to know other students. You can hear and comment on class questions and learn from them. And, you can ask questions, make comments and be a part of the class.

Watch the video for a sample.

Want to try it out? Sign up for a NO OBLIGATION FREE GUEST PASS. Come to one of our classes and see what it is like!

Stay for a few minutes, or the entire class-- it is up to you. You can talk to the instructor and other students about the class and about Virtual/live vs. Online. You can even ask questions to find out if real estate is right for you!

Classes are usually Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 6:00pm. (Test weeks might vary). But our instructor gets there early, so you can sign on before class to chat with the instructor before it starts.


There's no obligation, and it's FREE. Come join us! 

A sample of our VIRTUAL LIVE (Zoom) class. Held two nights a week, you are actually in a class with the instructor and other students, and are able to ask questions and participate! (muted- turn up volume in video for sound.)

Online Classes

Our online classes are not just reading Powerpoints like many online classes. Our classes are VIDEOTAPED LIVE CLASSES-- the next best thing to being there!

An example of our ONLINE Program! Our classes are video-taped live classes-- but you take them at your own pace! (muted- turn up volume in video for sound.)

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