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Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

Marketing yourself as a REALTOR© or a Real Estate Agent is not as hard as it sounds. You should think of yourself as a lead generator.


In a perfect world, new agents would have a huge group of buyers and sellers, in the form of friends, family and business relationships. However, that often isn’t the case. So, we have to get creative.


Let’s start with the low hanging fruit: those who are leasing apartments. The reasons are very clear:


  • Most would agree: owning is better than renting. So, a real estate agent who is offering a better option is like offering a giant warm blanket to someone out in the cold. If you have answers for them, this is a group that wants to hear what you have to say.

  • There are a lot more tenants than buyers and sellers, so you are creating a rich network for your business.

  • This group is easy to find. Not trying to state the obvious, but you know where they live. This might be advantageous when you consider normal concepts like door hangers or direct mail. Even more fun: consider not-so-normal concepts:  like partnering with a mortgage company and sponsoring a food truck to meet the residents. Maybe sponsor a meet-and-greet at a nearby bar-and-grill for happy hour. Let your mind wonder. Have a large apartment complex in mind? Sometimes local real estate schools might be interested if the concept and costs make sense. Feel free to contact to discuss ideas and possible partnerships.

  • They are much easier to secure as clients. They probably don’t have an agent that they’ve worked with for years; they are looking for an agent with whom they can create their lifetime loyalty.

  • Renters often move every 12 months. Frankly, that is better than friends and loved ones that adore you and are very loyal, yet they might move in 5-12 years, if ever.

  • This group have many friends who are like-minded: maybe a group that are first time home-buyers or a group that also rent and wish they didn’t.

  • And, with any luck, this group will create your future buyers and will refer others to establish your base network that will blossom into your entire network.


--Other Possibilities: the low hanging fruit isn’t the only fruit: here is how to generate leads. Let’s go over some other possibilities:


  • Social media. Ever feel like no one is listening to you? Social Media always cares what you have to say! Share with the world that you work with tenants, buyers, and sellers and you pay referral fees.

  • A Sphere of Influence, your Family, friends, neighbors, and extracurricular activities can create your sphere around you.

  • Call “For Sale By Owner” listings and explain to them your value added to helping them sell their property (make sure to check the Do Not Call List).  

  • Call Owners Whose Listings Have Expired.

  • Do open houses. Is it for your listing? The sellers love it and they will tell others what you have done.

  • Do your listing Open Houses, it will allow you to meet potential buyers and learn the market.

  • Knock on the doors of your neighborhood: let them know you are the new agent in the area. Starting with your own neighborhood is always easy because you’re already an expert and will have some built-in recognition

  • Website: In our digital age, create a high-end website

  • Take a class on SEO marketing to make your website rank higher.

  • Consider additional internet marketing (AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, etc.) will have the best results.  Learn about those in classes on

  • Keep your data base

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