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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

Real estate sales agents work alongside a licensed broker, usually providing services on a contractual basis in return for a portion of the commission earned from the sale.


A standard work week is roughly 40 hours, although the hours might be very flexible. Many real estate agents will be asked to work beyond the typical 9-to-5, especially since many client meetings take place on weekday evenings and on weekends to accommodate their clients.

Regardless, this isn't a typical office job, and is usually different each day. While agents will have to research properties and file paperwork, many aspects of the job, including analyzing and showing properties, meeting with clients and researching the real estate market, take place away out of the office. And, in this business, lead generation might mean attending fun and unique events to network and establish relationships in your community. And, the day to day aspects depend on what position you have chosen

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What does a real estate agent do

Networking can be an important part of a Real Estate Agent's career.

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