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IBREA is proud to offer the most comprehensive ONLINE and VIRTUAL LIVE Pre-licensing programs available in Indiana.

Are you wanting to get your real estate license in Indiana? These are the classes! In Indiana, to get your license, you take a 90 hour BROKER class -- this will be your entry level sales person class, because in Indiana, all agents are BROKERS.


At IBREA, we have blurred the lines between Online and Virtual/Live Classes. Online Students can come to any virtual live (streaming) classes, live reviews and streaming or live tutoring. Live students have access to the complete Online Library of whole videotaped classes, practice exams, and additional study materials. And, we have many items that are exclusive to IBREA. 

ONLINE or VIRTUAL(streaming) Broker Pre-licensing Packages are available.

Example of the Online Course-- Live Videotaped Classes. (It is muted-- turn up the volume on the video for sound.

All of these items are INCLUDED in our packages

  • The State Approved 90-Hour Broker Pre-licensing Class- the class to get your real estate license.

  • Local School, teaching the issues, terms and concepts that are unique to Indiana.

  • Instructor has 30 years of Instruction, Law and Real Estate Experience in Indiana.

  • All package offer an Unlimited access to complete Online Library of all classes 


  • Unlimited access to additional virtual Pre-licensing classes​

  • Either an e-book, or a 550 page printed Textbook: Modern Real Estate Practice.

  • All school tests included with no additional proctor or costs.

  • Access to dedicated virtual review sessions for math, law topics and full class reviews.

  • Access to whole class review sessions online.

  • Jay's Proprietary Summary of Indiana Real Estate Laws (reducing the Law Section of the class from 84 pages to 13.)

  • Payment plans available

Get more information on our ONLINE Pre-Licensing Package or our VIRTUAL(Streaming) Pre-Licensing Package 

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