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What Can You Do With a Real Estate License

There are many occupations that need a real estate license. And, there are many vocations that don’t legally need a license in Indiana, but a real estate license is a great asset and makes you much more marketable.

While being a residential real estate agent is one of the most common career opportunities associated with the real estate industry, it is by no means the only one. Yes, the majority of the high-profile career opportunities in real estate involve buying and selling residential properties. However, the industry has depth and there are many other jobs you can get with a real estate license. Whether you’re looking for something with more flexibility, more structure, higher stakes or lower stakes, you’re probably going to be able to find the career opportunity you want within real estate.


Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Wondering what you can do with a real estate license? We’ve put together a list of jobs you can get with a real estate license that you might not have considered. These opportunities are both challenging and have the potential to be profitable new careers for you! Here are some examples of possible careers with your new license. And, several of these can be paired up with one or more others from the list:

Buyer’s Broker. Work with Buyers to find them homes for them their families.

Seller’s Broker. Listing homes for Sellers, getting them the best price, and hopefully finding them a new home.

Referral Status. Create a referral network and refer buyers and sellers out to other agents locally and across the country for a 20 to 30 percent or more referral fee.

Property Management. Enjoy a different experience everyday: managing properties from leasing and assisting tenants, to watching over property staff. A property manager is tasked with the responsibility of making sure a residential or commercial property runs smoothly and profitably. Depending on the size of the property, many tasks could be outsourced. Then the property manager coordinates them and make sure the property is upkept. This is more common for commercial property managers.

You could manage a large apartment building or work for a company that covers many investors.

Commercial Real Estate Agent. The day-to-day responsibilities of a commercial real estate agent often includes more research than that of a residential agent. A commercial agent helps businesses, such as retail or restaurants, choose locations that are going to profitable.

Managing Broker. In Indiana, the difference between a broker and a managing broker is that a managing broker has taken further education and is qualified to be on their own or manage a real estate office with multiple agents.

Real Estate Investor. Real estate investing can be very competitive. Stay ahead of your competition and make more money by having all of the information and knowledge, without giving up commissions.

Residential or Commercial Appraiser. The perfect position for “numbers people”. Pull information, and sometimes go to lengths to find information, to support prices of properties.

Real Estate Assistant. Be the backbone of the office assisting top agents list and sell homes.

Part-time Agent. Work under 40 hours a week, creating your own hours, and often work from home.

Full-time Agent. Many Agents work over 40 hours, yet they can still create their own hours and often work from home.

Foreclosure Specialist.  Foreclosures specialist works from their home and works independently and is employed by a bank or private lender. They are responsible for all the issues, documentation and processes that need to be followed when a property is being foreclosed on.

Leasing Consultant.  A leasing consultant’s job is to make sure the building is full of tenants. This job can require evening and weekend hours, but usually comes with a degree of flexibility. If you enjoy marketing and negotiating this could be a great position for you.

Commercial Leasing Manager.  A commercial leasing manager negotiates deals and transactions with businesses.

Corporate Real Estate Manager. Some large companies have real estate holdings that they need an in-house person to manage.

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