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What is a Proctor?

A PROCTOR is a third party that you would employ to watch you take a school test. In other words, a student calls specific entity that "proctors" exams. If you choose a school that requires a proctor, there are certain steps that are required.


First, you would locate a proctor; they could be in your city or located in another town.  Usually, you would make an appointment for each of your individual exams. 


Then, you would pay the Proctor directly. This amount IS IN ADDITION TO the amount that you paid for the school class. A proctor amount is typically $25-75 per test. So, if you work with a school that has three tests, and the nearest proctor charges $40 per test, you would have $120 in additional costs above what you paid for the class.

IBREA does not use proctors. All of IBREA's school exams are included, either live, virtual or online. 

So, which schools require a proctor? That is harder to figure out than you would think, because the out-of-state providers don't lead with that information.

A first clue is that the school offers classes for 20+ different states-- that is probably an out-of-state provider (at least for most of them :-) But then you still have to search in their website. Once again, they don't lead with it, so it could be difficult to find.

You can also search google for "proctors for real estate exams" to bring up groups that use proctors. To make it easy: here is a current Google search.

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