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IBREA is proud to offer the most comprehensive ONLINE Pre-licensing program available in Indiana.

IBREA's Online Pre-licensing Program is VERY different than any other program on the market for many reasons. From our library of videotaped classes to the ability to come to live classes and reviews, to a COMPLETE Exam Prep program, IBREA has everything you need. 

All of these items are INCLUDED in our ONLINE Real Estate Program. (Individual prices reflect cost if purchased outside our IBREA program)

Real Estate Classes from Your Home
  • Our State Approved 90-Hour Broker Pre-licensing Class, to gain your real estate license. It provides the fundamentals of Real Estate, including real estate concepts and ownership, property basics, land use and income property, real estate contracts, property title and closings, real estate brokerage, real estate finance, property valuation and property tax, and Indiana Real Estate License Law and Agency Law. This is the class you need to pass to take the State Exam and get your Real Estate License.

  • 100% Online-- All the classes and the school exams are online and the class can be completed at your own pace.

  • IBREA is a LOCAL School teaching Real Estate for INDIANA. Indiana is unique. Indiana has a long list of terms that other States do not have, such as Selling Broker, BLC and Limited Agency.  With IBREA, you never need to be concerned about an out-of-state school having a "one type fits some" approach to the laws, regulations and concepts that you will need for your future. IBREA teaches the issues, terms, forms and concepts that are unique to Indiana. (What makes a Good School for You?)

  • Experience. In addition to being a REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY for over 30 years, our instructor has over three decades of experience as a Real Estate Broker and instructor. 

  • No PowerPoints! Did you know that MANY available online schools have you read PowerPoints for hours? You don't have to worry about that with IBREA. Our Classes are videotaped live classes. No PowerPoints!

  • VIDEOTAPED LIVE CLASSES. You can hear the questions from the students and be engaged in the class. It's like you are there!

  • Convenience. Online curriculum can be accessed anywhere, from any device. And, since it is web based, even when you change devices, you can pick up right where you left off.

  • Mix it with live, if desired. Although it is not required, you will have access to any Virtual/live Classes, if desired. Have some extra time on a Tuesday evening? Confused on Chapter 8? No problem-- come join us! Ask questions and get involved-- you are always welcome!

  • 550 page Textbook: Modern Real Estate Practice (choice of actual text book or e-book). Once you get it, check the section under Reviewers: Jay B. Rose, our instructor, is one of them.

  • Jay's Proprietary Summary of Indiana Real Estate Laws (reducing the Law Section of the class from 84 pages to 13.)

  • Memory Moments (c) offering memory aids throughout the course.

  • Tough Topics (c) - additional section online that digs deeper into topics that are frequently asked by our students.

  • Enrichment Learning (c) - additional section that pulls local and national Real Estate topics showing how the class topics are happening in the area.

  • Cartoons. There are fun cartoons throughout the course that goes over important concepts, gives real world examples and offers additional memory aides in a light-hearted format.

  • All school tests included. Some schools don't include the school tests within their costs. With IBREA, all of the school tests are included with no additional costs or proctors. (Proctors--what's that?).

  • AUDIO STUDY (c)-- a complete study program designed to work on-the-go. (available:  $39.95)

  • Flashcards. 800 automated flashcards for terms: 400 starting with the terms, and 400 starting with definition.

  • Access to the Instructor. As an IBREA Student, you will have access to the Instructor, by phone, email, or Virtual/live, for questions.

  • Individual TUTORING with the Instructor, if desired. This is not a one time thing, or only available if you pay more, or available only if you don't pass the State Exam. It is available at any time during your coursework, any time you need it. (Available to purchase for non-IBREA students: $100/hour)


  • PRACTICE EXAMS - Individual Chapters: You will have practice exams individualized to each chapter to confirm understanding as you go through the class.

  • PRACTICE EXAMS -GENERAL (TERMS AND CONCEPTS ): These are for the full class, pulling randomly from a bank of 800 questions. Unlike many practice tests on the market that offer one test, these tests are different each time you take them. These are designed for unlimited study. (Bought individually: $69.95) 

  • PRACTICE EXAMS - LAW: The Law portion is about 40% of the State Exam! Pulling randomly from a bank of over 300 questions, you can take them in a 25 or 50 question format. You can take these tests an unlimited amount of times! (Bought individually: $69.95) 

  • PRACTICE EXAMS - SITUATIONAL: IBREA created the Situational Tests gauge your understanding of the daily practice of the material. These exams pull from a bank of 550 questions and are set up in more of a "story problem" presentation. It includes math problems, as well. Take them in a 25, 50 or 100 question format. It is designed to move to Situational once you are doing well on the Terms and Concepts Practice Exam. More importantly, it is structured it like what you might see in the State Exam. (Bought individually: $69.95

  • Access to Virtual/live Streaming Review Sessions. IBREA has full class review sessions held roughly every three weeks. As an IBREA ONLINE student, you have access to any and all sessions that cover math, law topics and general subjects. (sold separately for $25.00 each for non-IBREA students.)

  • ONLINE Class Reviews. You will have access to videotaped whole class review sessions within your library.

  • Placement Assistance. We provide names of students who want connections to numerous brokers to help them get placed once they get their license.

  • A Course Concierge. Any issues along the way? You will have help at all stages along the way.

  • Technical Support. Something not working right -- let us know, we can help!

  • 365 days to complete the course.


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And, we have 100% VIRTUAL/Live (Streaming)

Pre-Licensing programs available as well. CLICK HERE for more information.

Example of the Online Course-- Live Videotaped Classes. (It is muted-- turn up the volume on the video for sound.

Classes with Real Life Indiana Examples
Actual Textbook Included
Additional Exam Prep with Cartoons
Get Your License Online
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