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AUDIO STUDY. Study for the Real Estate Exam in a New Way.


Let’s consider a concept…


A woman and a man walk in to take the Indiana Real Estate Exam. The gentleman studied for a total of 16 hours during the last week before the test: completely respectable. The lady studied for 294 hours over several weeks. 


All else being equal, we could all agree that the 294 gal might do better on the test. But who has 290+ hours to study?  Actually, you might.

Effortless Studying  

How many hours in a week could you, if you wanted to, listen to something in an audio presentation as you are doing something else?


Let's start with driving in your car. The average commute time to work in Indianapolis, each way, is 22 minutes. * Well, that is almost an hour, if you don't go out for lunch or have a job that does sales calls. Then, let's add to it, the regular stuff: going to get the kids, picking up dinner, going to the post office, sitting in Starbucks drive through, going to the gas station, etc?


How about other times you could listen to an audio presentation? On the treadmill? Mowing the grass? Eating lunch? Pretending you are paying attention at a meeting? At the grocery? Going to sleep? 


Think about it: you might easily be able to find 3-5 hours a day to listen to an audio presentation while just going through your day.  

So, 21-35 hours a week? 

What if you turned that into productive time?

IBREA has created AUDIO STUDY, a program completely for studying for the General Portion of the Indiana Real Estate Exam. Study anywhere: while walking, shopping, running, working, lounging, driving, eating, going to sleep,... anywhere!

Audio Study has over 5 hours of programming covering the general (National) portion of the class. It never references anything visual like books or charts: it is designed completely for audio. It is different from the class and the other reviews. It is only the "meat" of the material; this is only the key terms and concepts, and we have removed all the extra stories and any "fluff".  

So, let's think about it: 

A typical student in live classes will work through the material in 9 weeks. During those 9 weeks, you could have 189 - 315 of additional hours of EFFORTLESS studying. AUDIO STUDY is set up according to our modules, so you can be studying the information that you are currently working with for your class. So, AUDIO STUDY will help you for the tests in class, and for the State Exam.


Set it up on your phone to play in your car or accessible for head phones:


Picking up dry cleaning? Now I know about Encumbrances.

Going through the drive through? Now I understand Fair Housing. 

Need to go to the grocery? Now I understand Agency. 

Going to the gym? Now I know about Easements.

It's amazing how smart you will be!

AUDIO STUDY is available for purchase separately for $39.95


Of course, all IBREA Pre-licensing students, live and online, will receive it free as part of their program.  Purchase AUDIO STUDY separately HERE. 

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