IBREA is proud to offer the most comprehensive ONLINE and VIRTUAL LIVE Pre-licensing programs available in Indiana.

We have blurred the lines between Online and Live Classes. Online Students can come to any virtual live (streaming) classes, live reviews and streaming or live tutoring. Live students have access to the complete Online Library of whole videotaped classes, practice exams, and additional study materials. And, we have many items that are exclusive to IBREA. Everything that we have is available to every IBREA Pre-Licensing student, with no additional cost.


Online and Virtual Live (streaming) Broker

Pre-licensing Packages Include:

  • The State Approved 90-Hour Broker Pre-licencing Class, in either Online or Live formats. It provides the fundamentals of Real Estate, including real estate concepts and ownership, property basics, land use and income property, real estate contracts, property title and closings, real estate brokerage, real estate finance, property valuation and property tax, and Indiana Real Estate License Law and Agency Law. This is the class you need to pass to take the State Exam and get your Real Estate License. 

  • Local School, teaching the issues, terms and concepts that are unique to Indiana.

  • Instructor has 30 years of Instruction, Law and Real Estate Experience in Indiana.

  • Unlimited access to complete Online Library of all classes. Online students will have this as their main (or only) classes; Live students can use it for unlimited review. And, our online classes are very different than other schools. Instead of hours of PowerPoint slides, you watch VIDEOTAPED LIVE CLASSES. 

  • Online library can be accessed anywhere, from any device. 

  • Memory Moments (c) offering memory aids

  • 550 page Textbook: Modern Real Estate Practice (actual text book, not an e-book) 

  • Jay's Proprietary Summary of Indiana Real Estate Laws (reducing the Law Section of the class from 84 pages to 13.)

  • Tough Topics (c) - additional section online that digs deeper into topics that are frequently asked by our students.

  • Enrichment Learning (c) - additional section that pulls local and national Real Estate topics showing how the class topics are happening in the area.

  • Unlimited access to additional Live Pre-licensing classes

  • All school tests included with no additional proctor or costs.

  • AUDIO STUDY (c)-- a complete study program designed to work on-the-go.

  • Math tips and tricks.

  • Additional access to the Instructor, by phone, email, or live, for questions.

  • Individual TUTORING with the Instructor, if desired. This is not a one time thing, or only available if you pay more, or available only if you don't pass the State Exam. It is available at anytime during your coursework, anytime you need it.

  • PRACTICE EXAMS - TERMS AND CONCEPTS : pulling randomly from a bank of over 900 questions, these tests are different each time you take them. They are broken down in chapter topics for specialized study, modules for studying for the school exams and complete class tests to study for the State Exam. These are designed for unlimited study. (Bought individually: $99.00) 

  • PRACTICE EXAMS - SITUATIONALWe created Practice Exams - Situational to test your understanding of the daily practice of the material. These exams pull from a bank of over 300 questions  (different from Practice Exams - Terms and Concepts) and are set up in more of a "story problem" presentation. Our two Practice Exam formats work together-- learn the Terms and Concepts, and then, learn how to use them. We suggest you move to Situational once you are doing well on the Terms and Concepts Exam. More importantly, we structured it like what you might see in the State Exam.

  • Access to dedicated live review sessions for math, law topics and full class reviews.

  • Access to whole class review sessions online.

  • A Course Concierge to help you at all stages

  • 365 days to complete the course.

  • Payment Plans available.



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Example of the Online Course-- Live Videotaped Classes.

Example of Virtual Live (Streaming) Course-

So, What is the Difference between Virtual Live and Online?



Our Virtual LIVE 90-Hour Pre-licensing Package includes: 

  • Tuesday, and Thursday nights, 6:00 - 9:30pm, you will meet VIRTUALLY in a live streaming class with your teacher.  There is an additional video for a third session per week.

  • Able to start every 3 weeks 

  • Weekly interaction with instructor

  • Set schedule keeps you on pace. Typically students finish in 9 weeks.

  • Testing will be set up as the test dates approach.


 Our ONLINE 90-Hour Pre-licensing Package:

  • 100% Online. 100% Self Paced. (with extra virtual live-if desired)

  • Start anytime.

  • If students treat it like a 40-hour work week, they can complete the class in 3 weeks.

  • Tests will be online.

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