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Michigan Continuing Education. Offered in LIVE (in person), VIRTUAL/LIVE (Streaming) and ONLINE CE Classes

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Michigan Online CE CLasses


Our next season will offer Live (in person) tickets to each class event.  The Season starts in November. 

VIRTUAL/Live (Streaming):

Attend a live class from home! Is it live? Kind-of, because it's interactive, and in real time. Is it online? Kind-of, because it is through your computer. So, it's a little in-between. 


Think that ONLINE would be better? We have those too!

Real Estate Self Defense with Jay Rose - 2 ELECTIVE hours

Probably the most valuable class IBREA offers. Avoid problems and protect yourself in open houses, car break downs, real estate showings and so much more. This class could literally save your life. $19.95


Did You Really Do That? Jay Rose - 2 LEGAL hours

You won't believe what goes on out there! Jay creates an entertaining look of real life examples of real bad judgement from Agents. $19.95


Termites, Ants, Beetles and More with Patty Thornberry - 2 ELECTIVE hours

Patty's the expert and one of the most entertaining speakers we have! You will learn things you didn't know you needed to know about the pests in real estate. $19.95


Environmental Hazards I - Radon Mold and Meth with Patty Thornberry - 2 ELECTIVE hours

One of our most popular classes! Patty outdoes herself with subject matter you had no idea could be so interesting - wait 'till you get to the segment on Meth. $19.95


Environmental Hazards II - Lead and Asbestos with Patty Thornberry - 2 ELECTIVE hours

Patty is back! These hazards can be pretty scary-- and they are everywhere. As an agent, you need to know about it. $19.95


New Construction of a Custom Home with Mark Bock - 2 ELECTIVE hours

This has been a student favorite! Join Mark as he discusses his current building of a home on the Michigan/Indiana border. You will learn the excitement and the surprises. Oh... and the many problems... $19.95

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