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Would I Enjoy a Career in Real Estate?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Real estate as always attracted a diverse group of people, for many different reasons. Let's look at some popular reasons why people choose a real estate career.

  • Create your own schedule

  • Work from home

  • It’s a people business

  • You control your financial future

  • You want several career choices

  • Be your own boss

You can create your own schedule

Real Estate is one of the few areas where your schedule is flexible. You can work full time or part time, and it opens time for other commitments, such as another job, family or worship time… whatever. Real estate offers the ability to create a work-life balance. You might enjoy: Can I Start Real Estate for Just “Extra” Income?

Work from home

Many real estate agents work from home, maybe utilizing a home office where they can work. Working from home has many advantages, including more efficient time with no commute. And, working from home allows agents to spend more time with their families. Check out: What Does a Typical Day Look Like as a Real Estate Agent?

It’s a people business

One of the most popular benefits of real estate is that it is a people business: you meet a lot of people. From networking, community events, talking to people at the grocery… start up those relationships! What's even better, is you get to help these people. Real estate agents state this is a key factor of their daily enjoyment. Don't miss: Do Real Estate Agents have High Job Satisfaction?

You control your financial future

In real estate, when you work hard, then income is the bi-product. Many real estate agents report that they wanted a career where their income was up to them, and not the whim of a boss or dictated by company policy. Check out: How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make

You want several career choices

Usually, when one thinks of a real estate agent, they think of the professional working with buyers and sellers. Yep- that is available. But that is only one of the options. A real estate license offers many choices for the licensee. An agent can work part time or full time, start out slowly or full time, and in several different career paths.

Be Your Own boss

This is a very popular benefit of real estate; agents enjoy being their own boss. Real estate agents don’t really have a boss in the traditional sense. They have the opportunity to create their goals, plan their strategies, design their future and then make it happen. You might enjoy: Ways to Make Money with a Real Estate License (Without Selling a Home)

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