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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

According to, the average base salary in for a real estate agent in Indiana is $85,090. (The low reported was $45,626, and the high was $158,687)

However, it isn’t a simple answer, because a real estate agent’s income is dependent on many different factors, such as years of experience, hours worked, market conditions, specializations and more. Learn about: Why Do People Choose a Real Estate Career

The Amount of Hours Worked Affects Real Estate Income

For most real estate agents, income can be closely tied to the number of hours worked. Obviously, this can create pay gap between part-time and full-time agents solely based on the hours put into their career. That being said, many find it beneficial to start out in real estate part time to make the switch, while keeping the income from their current job. Check out: Can You Sell Real Estate Part Time?

Location is a Factor for Real Estate Income

Average income for real estate agents varies based on region, state, city, and the health of the local market. Broadly speaking, if you want to earn more, you need to work primarily in urban or suburban areas where the average cost per home is higher.

The highest paying cities for Real Estate Agents in Indiana:

South Bend, IN $106,499 per year

Lafayette, IN $102,640 per year

Bloomington, IN $95,699 per year

Indianapolis, IN $90,115 per year

Greenwood, IN $87,428 per year

Avon, IN $83,947 per year

Evansville, IN $82,277 per year

Fishers, IN $81,710 per

Fort Wayne, IN $81,453 per year

Niche Selling Increases Income for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can specialize in different areas, increasing their value to a client. Specialties can be broad, like commercial, or a type of real estate, such as horse property, luxury homes, or condos, or types of buyers, such as former military or seniors. And, these niche markets can be valuable. The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) estimates that some of these Niches can nearly double the potential income. Learn more about Low-cost (and no-cost) ways to grow your real estate business.

Here are a few niche markets where you can get a certification, but there are many.

Years of Experience Increases Real Estate Agent's Pay

Agents who stay with it through within their first year, start to see it payoff within the first 12 months. During that time, they can gain valuable experience, and get the training they need. breaks down the income per years of experience:

1-2 years: $76,713

But, Over 10 years: $100,652

There are other variables to consider, such as what your career path you have chosen. Learn more about What Can You Do with a Real Estate License.

If you look at all of these factors, and consider that within your circumstances, you can have a more accurate estimate of the type of income you would earn as a real estate agent. The statistics are pulled from and other salary comparison sites; however, it is not a guarantee of how much money you will make as a real estate agent. You are encouraged to do your own research to feel comfortable with your answers. You might enjoy: Ways to Make Money with a Real Estate License (Without Selling a Home)

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