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What Does a Typical Day Look Like for a Real Estate Agent?

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

First, it is important to note, that real estate agents don’t have “typical days”, most days are very different. For many people that is one of the draws to the career: the variety of the job. If you like variety, then real estate could be a good fit for you. Read more in Why Do People Choose a Real Estate Career.

These are typical daily activities of a real estate agent:

  • Prospecting/lead generation/marketing.

  • Keeping up a database.

  • Paperwork.

  • Keeping up with the neighborhood and market.

  • Continuing education.

  • Following up with existing clients.

  • Working directly with clients.

Prospecting/lead generation/marketing. Real estate is a lead generation business. The good news is that lead generation can come in many formats, and so a real estate agent should have the strategies that they feel comfortable, such as farming a neighborhood, purchasing leads, working social media, attending networking events, and more. Check out: Low-cost (and No-cost) Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Keeping up a database. Agents must continually update their contact data base and stay front of mind with their past customers. This could include checking social media feeds, contacting those with a birthday coming up, congratulating them on a new job or new-home anniversary, and more. Don’t miss: Turn Your Passion for Social Media into a Successful Real Estate Business

Paperwork. Real estate transactions create a lot of paperwork. Even if the new trend is to have all of the paperwork in an electronic form, it is still a “paperless” contract, and it has to be correct and processed.

Keeping up with the real estate market. Successful agents must keep up with inventory of the market and know what is going on in their neighborhoods that they farm. That often involves reviewing MLS activity to see what is newly listed and to gain updates on properties that might be interesting to their clients. But, it’s not just understanding the housing inventory, it’s also looking up articles on local businesses, schools and events. Agents are interested in anything that has to do with or affects the housing market. You might like: How to Get Listings Without Cold Calling.

Continuing education. A great real estate agent never stops learning. Yes, there is continuing education (CE) required to maintain your license. However, there are many educational opportunities for the agent. You can go deeper in day to day issues like mortgages, or you can find a niche market and learn about that.

Following up with existing clients. For transactions that are in escrow, the Agent needs to monitor them closely. Timelines need to be met. Clients need to be updated. There are inspections to attend or to monitor. Have you wondered Can You Sell Real Estate Part Time?

Working with clients. Every time the phone rings, the day could completely change. An agent wants to arrange a showing on one of your listings. Another agent will be submitting an offer. A past client just got transferred, and needs to put their home on the market ASAP.

Working With Real Estate Sellers

On any given day, a seller’s agent might:

  • Prepare listing presentations

  • Meet with potential clients

  • Market property listings

  • Host open houses

  • Negotiate various aspects of the sale

  • Calculate and net proceeds from offers

  • Present offers to sellers

Working With Real Estate Buyers

On a typical day, a buyer’s agent might:

  • Meet with potential clients

  • Find homes on the MLS

  • Preview houses online or in person

  • Share new listings to potential buyers

  • Show properties

  • Submit offers for homes

  • Negotiate on the buyer’s behalf

  • Set up home appraisals and inspections

  • Create contracts, agreements, and other documents

  • Accompany clients to any activities, such as inspections or closings

How does a successful real estate agent do all this, and more? Through organizational skills, time management skills, to-do lists, technology tools, and the help of assistants or team members. Organization is the key. Yes, there are many balls in the air. But, agents do it every day, and so can you. Read more in What Skills are Needed to Become a Real Estate Agent

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