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Who Makes Great Real Estate Agents

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

There are many groups that are perfect candidates for considering a career in Real Estate.

Recent grads

Many recent grads enjoy success in their immediate sphere of influence; they often have friends that are interested in purchasing a first home. Be sure to check out: Turn Your Passion for Social Media into a Successful Real Estate Career.

First Job

A real estate career has a low barrier for entry. There is no college degree required, so people can literally be licensed in real estate in a couple months after obtaining a high school diploma or a GED.

But, that's not all. Real estate offers a good choice for anyone looking to enter the work force at any age.

Part Timers

Some real estate agents have intent to only work part-time, maybe for a while or permanently. Some might want to ease into a real estate career, perhaps becoming an assistant while learning the business and then transition into the position full time.

Others might want to work part-time while considering other avenues, such a job in a different industry, or continuing education such as a bachelors or masters degree. Read more: Can I Start Real Estate for Just Extra Income?

Career Changers

Real Estate can be a great option for those interested in a change. They could get their license while still working and even work both for a short period before making the jump. Even better, there are many career paths when you have a real estate license.


Those who are looking for extra income or even something to do in retirement often look to real estate. Often, their social groups could be looking to downsize, so they might have a built-in group of clients. Further, their flexible schedule allows them to continue the good parts of being retired, while their life experiences and former job often gives them a giant head start on the skills that they will need to succeed in real estate. Be sure to check out: Why Do People Choose a Real Estate Career

Employees Who Work Shifts

Those who only work part-time at another job or work off-shift hours might have day times free. Other groups have current jobs that are less than 40 hours. All make good candidates for part-time real estate work.

Parents with Kids in School

When children go off to school, many parents have days free to devote to a part-time real estate position.

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