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Questions to Start a Real Estate Conversation

Let’s set the scene… You are out grocery shopping and strike up a conversation with someone in the checkout line. Sure, the discussion starts out about a great sale on hamburger, but it moves to other topics quickly. Is this a good place to find a new client? Absolutely—especially if you are ready.

As a new Real Estate Agent, it is good to have some “leading questions” in your conversation arsenal, designed to gently bring the subject matter to the fact that you are in real estate. (You might enjoy Low-cost (and No-cost) Ways to Grow Your Business)

--Do you live around here? (Starting to talk about their home: a house, an apartment, etc.)

--Are you new to the area? (Could establish a time frame for looking for a new home)

--Comment about them in the situation: Lots of cereal and milk... looks like you have a big family! (Get an idea of their home life)

--Do you work around here? (You might find out what they do for pre-qualifying 😊)

--Introduce yourself, find out their name and use it. (Everyone likes to hear their name)

If the conversation does move towards real estate, you could ask:

--Do you have anyone to answer questions about the real estate market? (If not, offer to be that person)

If all else fails, when you are leaving, hand them a card. You can be as direct or subtle as you would like:

--It was nice meeting you Cindy! Here’s my card if you ever need help with buying or selling a home! (Pretty direct)

--Here is my card with my Facebook info—I put a lot of hamburger recipes for big families that I think you would enjoy! (Subtle, but could still get a business relationship started.


As a Real Estate Agent, new clients are everywhere. Be ready!


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