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How to Build Your Network

Building a professional network can be an exciting endeavor. It doesn't happen overnight but has the potential to grow into a valuable collection of talented individuals.

For those who have recently graduated, it can be surprising how quickly connections can expand in unexpected ways.

Initiating conversations and building connections in various social situations, even those outside one's comfort zone, is essential. Putting oneself out there is crucial because the results can be surprisingly beneficial. (Don’t miss: How Do You Start a Successful Real Estate Career)

This approach is particularly important for those starting a career as an agent or leaving a brokerage to build a network from scratch. The first step is to reach out to people in the existing network to see if they know anyone who could be helpful in the new setting.

Once introduced to new contacts, it's important to follow through on communication.

Having a name is not enough; starting a dialogue and seeing where it leads is vital. Whether it's a one-time conversation or the beginning of a lifelong relationship, that initial communicative step is crucial.

After a few months, it's useful to evaluate the network to ensure it aligns with personal goals and values. Reaching out to people doing interesting things can also be beneficial.

Do not fear putting oneself out there and asking questions. In the professional and networking realm, no one will do it for you. Sending that inquiry email, seeking introductions, and being open to invitations and opportunities are essential steps that can lead to unforeseen and positive outcomes.

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