Class Subjects

Agency Breaches You Won’t Believe:

After a brief introduction regarding the basics of our duties as real estate agents, we will explore some specific instances of agency breaches of fiduciary duties as well as the NAR Code of Ethics and Indiana law.  Areas of emphasis are Limited Agency, Disclosure of Confidential Information, Impact of the Escalation Clause, Allowing Access to Property, and Psychologically Affected Properties.


Improving Writing and Negotiating Contracts:

While overseeing real estate transactions as a Principal Broker and Managing Broker for many years, your instructor has recognized issues that consistently create hurdles that must be overcome to get to closing.  From preparing clients regarding what to expect in the buying/selling process, to advising against allowing emotions to impact negotiations, and being specific and language used in IAR standardized forms; brokers will come away knowing processes and language to lessen the problems in a transaction.


Real Estate in a Volatile Sellers’ Market:

This seminar addresses the challenges brokers face in a market with extremely low inventory and numerous buyers seeking to find their perfect homes.  We will discuss 11 different aspects of dealing with multiple offers, and real-life recent examples of problems and solutions will be presented.  We will also discuss the use of the Escalation Clause – its benefits and its shortcomings.


Finance SLP (Special Lending Programs)

IBREA is introducing its first panel discussion.  Industry experts will provide essential information and recent updates regard lesser-known types of financing and variations you may not know about for more-common loan programs.  Issues addressed will be taken from:  reverse mortgage loans (used to finance new purchases), sub-programs of common government loans, rehabilitation loans, portfolio loans, hard-money loans, and other programs for financing investment properties.


Stay Out of Real Estate Jail:

Brokers will learn the ins and outs of avoiding practices that can lead to problems with boards of REALTORS®, the Attorney General, and the Indiana Real Estate Commission.  We will explore the difference between practicing real estate a practicing law.  We will discuss the proper use of the terms within BOTH first right contingency forms.  We will dissect the Escalation Clause and Mutual Releases from Purchase Agreements and Listing Contracts.  And, if time allows, we will reinforce what we should know about psychologically affected properties.


Real Estate Steeplechase:

In track and field competitions, steeplechase runners must overcome up to 28 barriers and 7 water jumps during one race.  Sometimes it feels as if that is child’s play compared to the hurdles brokers must overcome during a transaction.  This seminar addresses low inventory, multiple offers, inspections and inspection responses, RESPA regulations and common violations, as-is transactions, withdrawing offers or counter offers, personal property on an addendum, and several other common provisions that require attention to detail.

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