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Payment Plans Available

With Payments Plans, many can start their future right away.

Would a smaller amount per month be easier for you right now? We understand!

This is why IBREA offers payment plans!


The Payment Plan for SILVER 

Silver offers a payment plan of $106 x 4 months. Upon the first payment, you will get your ebook, and access to the class to get started.

The Payment Plans for GOLD

GOLD plan offers TWO payment plan options. 

We found that many students understood the value of the GOLD, from the extensive exam prep items, to wanting to have the Virtual/Live option. We wanted to see if we could make the cost less of a factor.

The GOLD package has TWO payment plan options.

$159 x 4 months


$127 x 5 months

So, for the just a little more per payment, a student can go from Silver to GOLD. And, once again, you get full access to get started right away.

Each payment plan includes a 7% administration fee, and is within the payments. However, for many, the payment plans offer a welcomed way to spread the cost of the education over a few months-- and you get to start immediately!

Learn more about the PROGRAMS HERE.

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